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  • May 6, 2016 Beer, Pick of the Week

    BigRig bottle Picmonkey

    Big Rig


    Deschutes Brewery

    Bend, Oregon

    Style: Brewery calls it “A classic pub ale”

    Alcohol: 6 %

    IBUs: 46

    Serving style: 22-ounce bottles

    Availability: National dist. year-round

  • Where to Watch Runners at SF’s Bay to Breakers

    By Dan Rosenbaum

    Bay to Breakers crowd scene from Yelp PicmonkeyThere's a little congestion at the start

    May 5, 2016 - Bay to Breakers is a race the entire city of San Francisco comes out for, even if people aren’t running. The race, to be run on Sunday morning, May 15, has been a tradition since 1912. It brings out some of the best people-watching opportunities, from centipede runners to off-the-wall costumes that people think up. You don’t want to miss them. Here are the best places to watch the best of Bay to Breakers.

  • Beers and a Ballgame

    Time Traveler Strawberry Shandy Picmonkey


    By Dan Clarke

    May 2, 2016 - A couple of beers needed analysis. But the Giants game was to be televised on Saturday afternoon. Fortunately I can multi-task in cases like this.

    Both beers were somewhat unusual and brewed with the summer drinker in mind. One of them was from Deschutes, a reliable producer in Bend, Oregon. The other was from The Traveler Beer Co., a subsidiary of Boston Beer Co. (Sam Adams, et al) located in Burlington, Vermont.

  • Why Fort Point Needs to Be Added to Your San Francisco Bucket List

    Fort Point Natl Parks SvcBy David Armstrong

    May 2, 2016 - Fort Point, a Civil War-era fortress straddled by the Golden Gate Bridge, rose in 1861 on the site of an abandoned Spanish fort beside the chokepoint of the Golden Gate Strait. Its mission: protect San Francisco from Confederate warships. The red brick fortress was formidable, bristling with 140 soldiers manning 65 cannons behind 7-foot-thick walls. All to no purpose; the Rebel raiders never came.