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California Golden Ale

Dust Bowl Brewing

Turlock, CA

Style: Blonde Ale/Golden Ale

Alcohol: 4.5%

IBUs: 10

Serving Style: kegs and 12-oz. cans

Availability:  Good distribution in No. Calif.

Dust Bowls California Golden Ale Picmonkey 

Appearance:   “Light golden shade with creamy white head. Pretty much looks like any lighter beer (like pilsners, lagers).”

Aroma:   “Well, it smells like beer. That’s a good thing, I’d say. There’s a little bit of fruitiness or something sprightly there.”

Taste:   “It’s very light and fresh-tasting. There’s an attractive, albeit subtle, maltiness to it and there’s enough hoppiness to balance things out but not to dominate.  There’s an almost ‘fluffy’ feeling in the mouth. There’s taste here, but it seems to go down easily. Would this qualify as a “session” beer?

Food Affinity:   “It would be perfect with butterflied shrimp in a very light beer batter. Maybe you could try it with Buffalo wings, as long as they weren’t too spicy?”


                                ----Guest Reviewer Billie Corcoran is an emergency room nurse, who enjoys beer, but not those that are “too hoppy”

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