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June 27, 2014 Beer Pick of the Week

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Sierra Nev Fresh Hop bottle and glass Picmonkey

Harvest IPA


Sierra Nevada Brewing

Chico, California

Style: Fresh Hop IPA

Alcohol: 6.7%

IBUs: 67

Serving Style: Bottles and kegs (our sample from draft)

Availability: Limited seasonal distribution in national markets


Appearance:  “Perfect golden brown. Like the sunset in Belize.”

Aroma:  “Like the essence of cherries. Tropical, but in a subtle way.”

Taste:  “A little bit of vanilla. After the beer taste leaves, it reminds me of the spice profile of a cherry coke (but without the sweetness).

Food Affinity:  “Fried chicken. Spanish Rice. Maybe Mexican food.”

Sam Stern Picmonkey


Reviewer Sam Stern describes himself as a Renaissance man.

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