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October 9, 2015 Beer Pick of the Week

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Karl Strauss Pintail Ale Picmonkey

Pintail Pale Ale


Karl Strauss Brewing Co.

San Diego

Style: American Pale Ale

Alcohol: 5.3%

IBUs: 47

Serving Style: 12 and 22-ounce bottles and kegs (our sample from draft)

Availability: Year around in most of California


Appearance:   “I’d say amber or maybe copper-colored.”

Aroma:   “There seems a good balance of hops and malt in the nose. I get a good whiff of citrus—grapefruit and maybe orange peel.”

Taste:   “Has more carbonation than an English-style Pale Ale, but isn't fizzy. Good body with some roasted malt in the background. Hoppy in the American style, but not overly so.”

Food Affinity:   “Scotch egg, but they're hard to find over here. Would also be good with a rye bread sandwich of sliced cheddar cheese and bell pepper with some stone-ground mustard. ”

  --Guest reviewer Phil Robertson is a waiter in San Diego

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