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March 18, 2016 Beer Pick of the Week

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Guinness draft Picmonkey

Guinness Stout


Guinness Brewery

Dublin, Ireland

Style: Irish Stout

Alcohol: 4.2%

IBUs: Unknown

Serving Style: Bottles, cans and kegs (our sample from “draught”)

Availability: Year-around and worldwide


Appearance: “Beautiful and fascinating. Watching it being poured, settling and then being topped off is entertainment that adds to the experience. A completed pour is dark brown--nearly black—with a cream-colored and long-lasting head an inch or so high.”

Aroma:   “Malt. Roasting coffee. Maybe a hint of dark chocolate.”

Taste:   “Complex--a real mouthful with plenty of flavor, yet not overpowering or excessive in any way. Very smooth--our impression of a well-poured Guinness is that it’s equal parts creaminess and roasted malt.

Food Affinity:   “Was a delightful surprise with oysters at a Carlingford pub years ago. No doubt it would also pair well with oysters from the West Coast of the U.S. Guinness’ substantial personality would overwhelm many delicate dishes, but that said, more pairings would work than you might think. Experimenting might bring some pleasant surprises. Adventurous cooks can find many ways to incorporate it into dishes varying from appetizers to dessert.”


DanClarke Good Mug Shot Picmonkey



Reviewer Dan Clarke says Guinness can be an appropriate “Pick” at any time, but never more so than during of the week of St. Patrick’ Day.

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