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April 15, 2015 Beer Pick of the Week

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Deschutes Armory Picmonkey

Armory XPA


Deschutes Brewery

Bend, Oregon

Style: Experimental pale ale

Alcohol: 5.9%

IBUs: 55

Serving style: 12-ounce bottes

Availability: Year-around in the West and much of the U.S.

Appearance:   “Beautiful bronze color with a thick ivory head. Nice lacing.”

Aroma:   “Hoppy---seems a little like grapefruit with maybe a little celery.”

Taste:   “Fills the mouth with a rich and creamy feeling. That creaminess is set off by—or augmented by—the sparkle of good carbonation. There seems to be just a hint of caramel. Finishes long, but cleanly. Plenty of flavor, but it doesn’t overwhelm. A very satisfying glass of beer.”

Food Affinity:   “I’d like this with Mexican or Peruvian food. This beer reminds me of Dos Equis, but it’s much better than that. How about Enchiladas Suizas or Escabeche de Pescado?”

   --Guest reviewer Madeline Gallier is a restaurant server in Santa Monica

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