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July 1, 2016 Beer Pick of the Week

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Anchor summer wheat bio can Picmonkey

Anchor Summer Wheat


Anchor Brewing

San Francisco

Style: wheat beer

Alcohol: 4.5%B

IBUs: unknown

Serving Style: kegs, 12-oz bottles and cans (our sample from can)

Availability: Seasonal (brewed May-July for national mkts)

Appearance:   “A bit hazy and a fairly deep golden color with a pretty good head that lasts a while.”

Aroma:   “You can tell it’s a wheat beer (not a bad thing) and there’s some subtle spiciness in the background.”

Taste:   “The wheat personality is there, but there is substantial citrus also. There’s some orange, but mostly I get lemon zest—you know, like lemon peel.”

Food Affinity:   “ Oh, there’s so much you could do with this beer. Of course, it’s refreshing on its own, but since this is summer I’m thinking of BBQ. Lemon-pepper chicken might be too obvious. What if you poured it with the simplicity of grilled prawns or quickly-seared big scallops?”

  --Guest reviewer Nancy Elliott is a political consultant who likes to cook when she has time

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