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July 15, 2016 Beer Pick of the Week

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Ballast Point Big Eye Picmonkey


Big Eye


Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits

San Diego

Style: IPA

Alcohol: 7%

IBUs: 71

Serving style: 12 oz. bottles and cans, 22 oz. bottles and kegs (our sample from draft)

Availability: Year-round in national markets

Appearance:   “A nice amber color. Not a large head.”

Aroma:   “A light aroma. Very typical—not unusual.”

Taste:   “A very balanced beer. Not super-hoppy or citrussy like many IPAs tend to be. It’s a nice balance of malt and hops. It’s easy to drink—a workingman’s IPA. From the taste it might seem like a session beer, but at 7% it’s got more kick to it.”

Food Affinity:   “With a beer like this I think I’d gravitate to something spicier to offset the beer’s mellowness.

Steve Loy Picmonkey



Guest reviewer Steve Loy is an industrial controls specialist.

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