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August 26, 2016 Beer Pick of the Week

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Anchor Dry Hopped Steam bottle Picmonkey

Anchor Steam, Dry Hopped


Anchor Brewing

San Francisco

Style: Dry-hopped California Common ale

Alcohol: 5.4%

IBUs: unknown

Serving style: 12-ounce bottles

Availability: September through December, nation-wide

Appearance:   “Just a bit lighter in color than the standard Anchor Steam. A shade more amber or golden than the more bronze-to-reddish shade of the traditional version.”

Aroma:   “Very floral. Hoppier than the more malty standard Steam Beer, but more in that floral sense than piney. The brewery website indicates that the hops used were “Cascade and Experimental No. 484.”

Taste:   “In both the standard Anchor Steam and in its’ dry-hopped cousin, there’s a nice mouth feel. They’re a bit creamy, yet light. The dry-hopped product is perhaps a little softer, rounder than the other.”

Food Affinity:   “I’d want to match the aromatics in this beer with food. I’m thinking something like a curry that used lemon grass, cilantro and kaffir lime leaves.”

DanClarke Good Mug Shot Picmonkey



--Ordinarily, beer commentary for this feature is done by guest reviewers who’re not part of the Taste editorial staff. This time our publisher, Dan Clarke, drew the reviewing assignment and tasted both the traditional Anchor Steam Beer and the dry-hopped version side-by-side. Dan has always been partial to Anchor Steam, as was his grandfather many years ago.

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