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October 28, 2016 Beer Pick of the Week

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Laurelwood Pumpkin Ale Picmonkey

Pumpkin Ale


Laurelwood Brewery

Portland, Oregon

Style: Pumpkin ale with spices

Alcohol: 7.2%

IBUs: 20

Serving Style: 22-ounce bottles and kegs

Availability: Seasonal in the Northwest

Appearance:   “It’s an amber color, I guess, but it’s pretty dark. A very deep reddish-brown.”

Aroma:   “There’s malt. It seems a little like bread dough. The pumpkin is there, but it’s actually kind of subtle.”

Taste:   “It’s just before Halloween and I haven’t yet had a piece of pumpkin pie this fall. Actually, if I were in a bakery or coffee shop I might order a piece of pumpkin pie and a black coffee. However, as I find myself in a craft beer bar this afternoon I figured this might be appropriate. This really isn’t a substitute for the sweetness of pumpkin pie, though. The pumpkin and spice quotient is there, but it’s subtler than I would have thought. Overall, the beer is malty and not too carbonated. This tastes like a good amber ale with just a hint of the pumpkin personality. While the pumpkin isn’t overdone, I think that I wouldn’t have a second (or third) pint of this. The first one satisfied my curiosity and my palate. Now it’s on to a Kölsch.”

Food Affinity:   “I don’t think I’d want to drink this with savory dishes. On the other hand, who drinks beers with sweet dishes? Maybe it be O.K. with something like sugar cookies or fruitcake.”

  --Guest reviewer Art Bagley is a retired engineer

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