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Stone Brewing Tangerine Express Picmonkey

Tangerine Express


Stone Brewing

Escondido, CA

Style: American IPA with tangerine & pineapple

Alcohol: 6.7%

IBUs: 75

Serving Style: 22-oz bottles, kegs

Availability: Year-round nationwide

Appearance:   “It’s a golden or slightly orangey color. Has a moderate white head.”

Aroma:  “Certainly can tell something’s to come with that citrus nose. Stone’s website says Citra is one of the hops used, but there’s more than that going on. I do think I can recognize the tangerine quality that comes from the whole fruit infusion.”

Taste:   “Some beers with a ‘fruity’ personality seem light—maybe just summertime fare, but this one still shows plenty of that robust IPA personality. There’s enough hoppy bite to satisfy me and probably other IPA partisans, as well.

Food Affinity:   “I think some dishes that incorporate fruit would be natural pairings. Baked lemon chicken maybe. Pork entrees accompanied by grilled fresh pineapple spears would also work.”


               --Guest reviewer Layne Madison is an interior decorator who stopped drinking American lagers five years ago.

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