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Deschutes Hop Slice Picmonkey

Hop Slice Summer Ale


Deschutes Brewery

Bend, Oregon

Style: light ale

Alcohol: 5%

IBUs: 35

Serving style: 12-ounce bottles

Availability: Seasonal-May to August

Appearance:   “Light golden or yellow, with a white head that doesn’t seem to be lasting too long.”

Aroma:   “There’s a definite wisp of lemon in the nose.”

Taste:   “Light, crisp and with citrus overtone. It’s easy to drink, but there’s a lot of subtle personality there. It’s more than just a thirst-quencher.”

Food Affinity:  “I’d want to bring out that citrussy aspect to its personality. Lemon chicken or a very simple grilled filet of sole, garnished with parsley and lemon slices would work. It would also taste just fine with some fresh chips and ceviche waiting for nightfall at the Sunset Bar in Barra de Navidad (but maybe Deschutes doesn’t get distribution as far south as Jalisco).”


                --Guest Reviewer: Liam Cleary is a former publican who’s enjoying traveling America’s West Coast.

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