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Firestone Walker Nitro DBA Picmonkey

Nitro DBA


Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

Paso Robles, California

Style: English-style pale ale

Alcohol: 5%

IBUs: 30

Serving style: Kegs only

Availability: Most of USA West Coast

Appearance:   “This is beautiful. This nitro pour looks a little like a Guinness—though lighter in color, of course--and takes a similarly long time to settle. There’s still a beautiful beige color at the top at this moment, but it’s starting to settle out and looks like it will eventually evolve to an amber of reddish-amber shade. (Returning to observation after a few minutes, this is confirmed). Nice off-white head at the top.”

Aroma:   “There’s a lovely malt nose that seems to include dried herbs and a bit of caramel.”

Taste:   “You’d have to say that creaminess is the hallmark of this nitro-version of DBA. There is a very balanced combination of malt and hops. It’s just slightly sweet, but not in an unpleasant way. Finishes long and smooth—and puts a smile on my face.”

Food Affinity:   “This is a harder exercise than you might think. This smooth and sophisticated taste is so good on its own, but how would you pair it with food? You could look to pour it with something comparable—soft and subtle—or look to try it with a contrasting taste. Here’s something just off the top of my head: Chicken thighs (bone in and skin on) baked or slowly cooked in a Weber with the lid down. Baste with a maple syrup glaze containing rosemary and freshly-ground black pepper during the last 15 minutes, then serve.”


              --Guest reviewer Melody Henderson teaches school when she’s not drinking beer

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