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No Indigo Pale Ale Picmonkey

Indigo Pale Ale


101 North Brewing Co.

Petaluma, CA

Style: Pale Ale

Alcohol: 6%

IBUs: 49

Serving Style: kegs

Availability: Northern California

Appearance:   “Amber or dark golden color. Has a fluffy white head.”

Aroma:   “I have a little spring hay fever which might be interfering, because I can’t smell anything. Whatever aroma is there must be pretty faint.”

Taste:   “Very smooth. Seems almost creamy, but that direction is blunted by the carbonation. There’s sufficient flavor, but the feeling in the mouth is lighter and I like that.”

Food Affinity:   “At the moment I’m eating some waffle fries with a Sriracha sauce and some blue cheese crumbled on top. It seems to go well, but that’s a pretty esoteric pairing. I think it would also go pretty good with a good, old-fashioned cheeseburger.”


        --Guest reviewer Gary Johnson works as a diesel mechanic when he’s not enjoying a craft beer

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