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May 31, 2013 Beer Pick of the Week

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Censored Pickmonkey 2




 Producer: Lagunitas Brewing Co.

 Location: Petaluma, CA

 Style: Red/Copper Ale

 Alcohol: 6.7%

 IBUs: 39

 Serving Style: 12 oz. bottles and draft

 Availability: Year-round in California and 37 other states.


Appearance:  “Like a bright, well-used penny,”

Aroma:  “Very light malt nose.”

Taste:  “A full-bodied, surprisingly crisp malt flavor with a very gentle finish.

Food Affinity:  “Would go with barbecued foods—ribs for sure, maybe pork tenderloin.”

General Background:  Brewery says this beer was originally named “Kronik,” but federal authorities deemed that to be a marijuana reference and put the kibosh on it. As a joke they resubmitted with new “Censored” identity and the BATF accepted that label. Ah, bureaucrats.

Michael Mallett Mug May 2013 Picmonkey 

Reviewed by Michael Mallett, a trans-personal astrologer in Sacramento.


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