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Monday, 06 May 2019 12:58

POINT OF BREW Michael J. Lewis

As a young man I played rugby and beer was an essential part of after-game activities. I’ll get to that in a moment.

Monday, 02 May 2016 10:56

Beers and a Ballgame

Time Traveler Strawberry Shandy Picmonkey


By Dan Clarke

May 2, 2016 - A couple of beers needed analysis. But the Giants game was to be televised on Saturday afternoon. Fortunately I can multi-task in cases like this.

Both beers were somewhat unusual and brewed with the summer drinker in mind. One of them was from Deschutes, a reliable producer in Bend, Oregon. The other was from The Traveler Beer Co., a subsidiary of Boston Beer Co. (Sam Adams, et al) located in Burlington, Vermont.

Sunday, 03 April 2016 18:14

April 1, 2016 Beer Pick of the Week

Travelerr IPA Shandy 2 Picmonkey

IPA Shandy


Traveler Beer Co.

Burlington, Vermont

Style: IPA with Citrus

Alcohol: 4.4%

IBUs: 52

Serving Style: 12-ounce bottles, kegs

Availability: Nationally, year-round

Saturday, 31 May 2014 23:29

May 30, 2014 Beer Pick of the Week


Pabst Blue Ribbon sign Picmonkey

PBR Shandy

(Pabst Blue Ribbon and about 20% Sprite)

Miller Brewing/the Coca Cola Co.

Los Angeles/Atlanta, Goergia

Style: Lager and "lemonade" in the British stye

Alcohol: Less than 5%

IBUs: Unknown

Sereving Style: Bottles, cans and kegs 

(our sample from draft)

Availability: Everywhere in the U.S.


Appearance:   “Very light yellow”

Aroma:  “Only the sweetness and freshness of Sprite (the shandy component)”

Taste:  “Minimized beer flavor. More effervescent and refreshing as the addition of Sprite cuts out any beer bitterness. A good drink when a beer drinker doesn't really feel like beer.”

Food Affinity:  “Fresh fruit—nectarines? Strawberries?"

Sarah Jones May 31 2014 Picmonkey



Reviewer Sarah Jones is an American but learned to like Shandies when she lived in England and worked as a barmaid at The Old Bull and Bush in Hempstead Heath.





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