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January 29, 2016 Wine Pick of the Week

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Korbel Brut Rose Pink Wrap Bottle 2 Picmonkey

California Brut Rose N/V


Korbel Champagne Cellars


Suggested Retail: $13.99


“For a long time rosé wines got no respect. But things have changed. Pink wines are hot—if not that exact shade of pink.

”Korbel Champagne Cellars, which has been producing sparkling wine in Sonoma County since 1882, recently came out with new packaging for their California Brut Rosé. It embraces pinkness. New packaging technology has allowed them to envelop the entire bottle in pink. The winery defines the new bottle wrap as ‘limited edition,’ so we presume that the duration of this presentation may depend on its popularity.

“Your reviewer favors the color pink and is a fan of rosé wines, both still and the sparkling kind. One of his favorite treats is Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé. He even keeps a couple of pink dress shirts in his clothes closet. However, he’s not sure what to think of the new wrapper on this Korbel product. What image does it covey? On a trip to Hong Kong the reviewer discovered not all jade is green when he admired jewelry of a similar hue. While this bottle might elicit such a reference for others, for our reviewer the Korbel wrap evokes memories of that flat piece of bubble gum that used to be included in packs of Topps baseball cards. Same shade exactly, he says.

“While the wines of Champagne—and most sparkling wines from beyond that part of France—project sophistication and elegance, this bottle might not. Maybe that’s the point. Why wait for a special occasion to pop the cork on such a wine?

“We found fairly faint aromas of strawberries and cherries, which were followed by more vivid impressions of these fruits in the taste of the Korbel Brut Rosé. It leaves a feeling in the mouth that’s both creamy and a bit tingly. It’s not unpleasant, but Taste California Travel  found it quite soft and sweet for a wine carrying a Brut designation.”

Food Affinity: “Seems appropriate as a brunch wine and it might be nice accompanying quiches or creamy scrambled eggs containing bits of smoked salmon. We think it might go with sweet dishes even better than with savory. Try with a bowl of fresh fruits or alongside a real strawberry shortcake (homemade biscuits and real whipped cream spooned over the top).”

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