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Which are World’s Biggest Wine Brands?

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Chateau ChangyuChateau Changyu in Shandong Province

 By Alan Smith


August 1, 2016 – It’s a good bet that most American wine consumers wouldn’t know all of the world’s biggest selling wines. Maybe they wouldn’t even recognize most of them.

Last week the influential trade magazine The Drinks Business reported the 10 largest selling brands in 2015. The current champion, Barefoot, is a grocery store staple, but isn’t likely to get a notice in any of the nation’s wine and food magazines unless they bought an ad. As the saying goes, nobody likes them except the public.

Following is The Drinks Business list of the world’s top 10 selling brands, followed by their locations, parent companies and production in millions of cases.

10. Beringer (CA), Treasure Wine Estates, 7.27

9.   Great Wall (China), China Foods Ltd., 7.8

8.   Hardy’s (Australia), Accolade Wines, 9.5

7.   Sutter Home (CA), Trinchero Family Estates, 10.

6.   Yellow Tail (Australia), Casella Wines, 11.5

5.   Robert Modavi (CA), Constellation Brands, 12.

4.   Changyu (China), Changyu Pioneer Wine Co., 15.

3.   Gallo (CA), E&J Gallo Winery, 15.

2.   Concho y Toro (Chile), Concha y Toro, 15.2

1.   Barefoot (CA), E&J Gallo Winery, 22.5.

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