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DCV 2015 Heritage Zinfandel bottle Picmonkey

2015 Heritage Vines Zinfandel


Dry Creek Vineyard

Sonoma County

Alcohol: 14.5%

Suggested Retail: $22

“You’ve probably heard of ‘Old Vine Zinfandel’. Though there’s not a legal definition of how a vine qualifies as ‘old,’ it’s presumed that those planted in distant years past have something extra—and slightly mysterious—to give to winemakers who’re making Zins from them today.

“This week’s ‘Pick,’ the 2015 Heritage Vines Zinfandel from Dry Creek Vineyard is a variation on that Old Vines theme. The Zinfandel fruit that comprises 79% of this wine was produced by cuttings from genuine old vines that were grafted onto modern, disease-resistant rootstock (the blend includes Petite Sirah and just a hint of Carignane—grapes often favored by Zinfandel winemakers from earlier times). The result is said to be a modern, healthy vine with ‘old vine characteristics.’ There is no opportunity for exact comparisons among wines made from ‘old vines,’ ‘Heritage Vines’ and typical new Zinfandel vines, but we’ll accept the science behind the Heritage Vines concept and affirm that this week’s ‘Pick’ is a damned tasty Zinfandel that exhibits some of the characteristics the variety we remember from years ago.

“The 2015 Heritage Vines bottling gives up great aromas of berries and cherries with a little toastiness and black pepper, a delightful fillip of what’s to come when you take that first sip. In the mouth it reprises those berry flavors, backed by wisps of mocha and dark chocolate. Plenty of traditional Zinfandel flavor is there and, even though it’s a robust 14.5% alcohol, it doesn’t go over the top into that jammy, unctuous style. Nicely balanced, we’d say.”

Food Affinity: “Braised beef on a cold day, grilled T-bones if the weather’s nice enough to barbecue.”


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