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Rosa dell Olmo Barbera dAsti Picmonkey

2015 Barbera d’Asti D.O.C.G.


Rosa dell Olmo

Asti, Italy

Alcohol: 13%

Suggested Retail: $5.99

“The role of a wine writer is to educate and entertain his audience. At times this may mean giving an insider’s taste of something exotic and not generally available. Our reviewers enjoy sharing such experiences with you. More often, though, they’re commenting on everyday wines—the kind you buy for your own table. While our reviewers do encounter some pricey bottles in the course of their work, they’re consumers, too, and appreciate value. That was the situation yesterday.

“Chicken Parmigiana was planned for last night’s dinner and that called for something red. Your reviewer looked for a bottle of California Barbera at Trader Joe’s, but didn’t find any. Among the Italian imports he spotted a bottle of Barbera d’Asti. It was cheap ($5.99). At that price he expected something thin and acidic. However, it was another hot day and he didn’t look forward to a drive across to town in afternoon traffic to a retailer where he might find the perfect pairing for the evening’s meal.

“What a pleasant surprise. His six-buck Barbera was more than just serviceable, it was a delightful addition to the evening. Light to medium-bodied, the Rosa dell Olmo Barbera was full of red fruit qualities (seemed like dark cherries mostly) and complemented the main course, rather than overpowering it. Taste California Travel knows there are better Barberas out there, but hasn’t found any of them near this price.”

Food Affinity: “Relatively low in alcohol (by California standards) this Barbera d’Asti will complement many foods, especially those including red sauces.”


Editor’s Note:   Wines reviewed in Taste California Travel are encountered by our staff in several ways. They can be discovered at trade tastings or visits to wineries. They may also be purchased by staff members for their own tables or be those sent by wineries for possible review. This is an editorial feature, not advertising, and appearance cannot be secured by payment. More information can be had by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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