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Drinking Green in Madera County

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Rolling vineyards at Toca Madera are dedcated to diverse grape varieties suited to the climate Rolling vineyards at Toca Madera are dedcated to diverse grape varieties suited to the climate

TASTE News Service, March 26, 2019 - Vintners in Madera County are celebrating Down To Earth Month in California, highlighting the Golden State’s commitment to sustainable winegrowing.

On April 6, participating wineries will highlight the Madera region’s sustainable “green” winegrowing and winemaking practices. Visitors are invited to taste a variety of wines and to “drink green,” learning a few things about what makes their wines eco-conscious and earth friendly. These include:

•             Owl Box Programs

•             Grape growing using non-tillage and micro-irrigation management for efficiency

•             Energy efficient building materials and equipment in winery buildings

•             Vineyard composting using biproducts of wine filtering

•             Programmable cyclic irrigation valves in vineyard

•             Farming and planting methods for best land and water usage

•             Certified Organic Winemaking Programs

•             Solar panels powering wineries, buildings and water wells

•             Recycling programs used at the wineries

Participating wineries have wine production information, education on the wines and winemakers available to discuss the techniques that go behind making these award-winning wines. Some wineries offer food and treats to pair with the wines. Participating family wineries of the Madera Wine Trail include Birdstone Winery, Fasi Estate Winery, Papagni Wines, San Joaquin Winery and Toca Madera Winery.

Editor’s note:  More information about Madera wineries is available at www.maderavintners.com. If you’re planning onvisiting this part of California’s Central Valley, you may also want to visit https://www.maderacounty.com.

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