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April 19, 2013 Wine Pick of the Week

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Rex Goliath Shiraz 2 Picmonkey


N/V Shiraz



 Appellation: California

 Alcohol: 13.5%

 Suggested Retail: $8.99


“This is a popular wine and for many reasons. In a world of too-cute names and labels, the Rex Goliath line is fun without being cloying. It celebrates the memory of a 47-pound rooster (Rex Goliath), alleged to be an attraction of a Texas Circus over a century ago. The non-vintage Rex Goliath Shiraz is big, too, showcasing gobs of fruit. It is comprised of 76% Syrah (same grape defined as 'Shiraz' in Australia, and occasionally in the U.S.), with the balance coming from grapes loosely defined as 'mixed reds.'

"We reassure readers, this wine is made only from grapes, but sometimes winegrapes manifest their personalities in ways that evoke aromas and flavors of other elements. There's a subtle hint of white pepper in the aroma of this wine, followed by tastes of blackberry, raspberry and maybe some Santa Rosa plum. Also included in that taste is some more pepper. Not the burn-your-mouth kind, but like finely ground white or black pepper. The Rex Goliath Shiraz get some aging in oak barrels which sometimes imparts a bit of spiciness and a perception of sweetness. While not a 'sweet wine,' it's not as dry as some would like. However, this hint of sweetness in the finish will make it easy to enjoy for many folks who've never had Shiraz/Syrah, yet not put off more sophisticated palates. The Rex Goliath Shiraz has some personality. The suggested retail price is $8.99 and fair deal at that number. However, it can often be found at a dollar or two less."

Food Affinity: Barbecued ribs, grilled hamburgers, beef stew or short ribs, slow-cooked in a sauce that includes some tomato.

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