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April 26, 2013 Wine Pick of the Wine

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Quinta das Amoras Vinho Tinto Picmonkey 

2010 Vinho Tinto


Quinta das Amoras

 Appellation: Vinho Regional Estramadura (Portugal)

 Alcohol: 13.%

 Suggested Retail: $7.99


“This wine was found in the wine department of Corti Brothers in Sacramento. Eric, one of the store's wine stewards, suggested it when we asked for a lighter red table wine to accompany a main course of chicken thighs. We found the wine delightful and a reasonable companion to the chicken, which was prepared with some carmelized onions and garlic. The 'Vinho Tinto' on the label is Portugese for 'red wine,' which in this case probably means a modest wine appropriate to the price asked. It is better than that.

“A blend of four grape varieties unfamiliar to most American consumers (Castelão-55%, Touriga Nacional-20%, Camarate-15% and Tinta Miúda-10%) grown just north of Lisbon provide a positive experience for American palates habituated to Cabernet, Merlot and Zinfandel. Aromas of dark cherry and dried herbs and flowers precede berry and cassis flavors. There's some intriguing return of that dried herb quality found in the first whiff, and maybe soft white pepper or Rutherford-like dust in the taste. There's a perception of just a little vanilla sweetness that may be the product some time the wine spent in oak.”

Food Affinity: While this Vinho Tinto from Quinta das Amoras was light enough to work with chicken thighs, it has enough substance to work with many red meat dishes. Liver and onions (or bacon), comes to mind, as does thinly-sliced beef with bell pepper in a black bean sauce.


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