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November 13, 2015 Wine Pick of the Week

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barefoot zinfandel Picmonkey

Zinfandel (N/V)




Suggested Retail: 750ml $7, 1.5L $10.*

*average retail prices nationwide


“Recently we saw long-time wine writer Dan Berger’s comments about Barefoot Zinfandel and figured with his recommendation it had to be good. It is.

“Fruit for this wine comes from the Lodi appellation, which is about 45 miles south of Sacramento. In recent years vineyard acreage has increased hugely in the area. Though many varieties are grown successfully here, Zinfandel has always been regarded as Lodi’s signature grape.

“We bought the large bottle in a grocery store for $9.50. This is quality Zin, regardless of its price. The traditional red and black berry fruit characteristics are there, as is a subtle background of spice and ground pepper. At 13.5% alcohol, it isn’t in that over-the-top style of Zinfandel that often finishes both hot and sweet. This non-vintage Barefoot reminds us of the way good Zinfandel used to taste—and that’s not a bad thing. There’s enough personality that a glass on its own would satisfy, but enough restraint that it would pair with many foods.

“We’ll stop short of calling this wine great Zinfandel, but it certainly is good. And at the price, it would have to be considered a great deal. Taste California Travel has reviewed wines retailing from $2.50 (the former ‘Two Buck Chuck’) to over $100. We don’t have a Value of the Year award, but if we did this wine would win it.”

Food Affinity: “Versatile--would be ok anytime you’re serving something you’d think would go with a red wine. Sausage and black olive pizza. Stuffed bell peppers. Almost any dish involving a tomato-based sauce.”

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