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April 12, 2013 Wine Pick of the Week

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Edna Valley chardonnay  Picmonkey


2010 Paragon Chardonnay


 Edna Valley Vineyard

 Appellation: San Luis Obispo County


 Suggested Retail: $15.50


“This review marks a departure. In years past we would taste dozens—sometimes hundreds—of new and current releases every week. The 'Pick' was always the wine we liked best, regardless of grape variety or category. The tasting of new wines and subsequent note-taking really is time-consuming and has taken a back seat lately to other business needs. Henceforth, we'll use our 'Pick' to select a wine and discuss it, not necessarily laud it.

“To oversimplify, Chardonnay tends to reflect either crisp citrus and green apple characteristics or lush, tropical fruit qualities. We prefer the former category. This 2010 Edna Valley Chardonnay is an example of the latter. Aromas of ripe Bartlett pear and pineapple are the first impression. Flavors of pear, mango and very ripe pineapple predominate, though there is definite 'brown spice' presence reminiscent of cinnamon and/or nutmeg. The finish evokes vanilla and seems quite sweet. For our tastes, it doesn't have the qualities that would make it a good pairing with most fish or fowl dishes. Though Taste California Travel prefers leaner and more austere Chards, that doesn't mean that the Edna Valley is a bad wine or a badly-made wine. It will please many who like to drink Chardonnay in lieu of a cocktail and might even seem to be good accompaniment to dinner for those who like this style."

Food Affinity: Hard to say. Maybe with a scalding-hot Asian curry that features some mango or papaya?

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