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It Adds Up - Pi Day 2018

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Professional Best in Show Winner Andy Hilton Cannot Contain His Excitement in Winning   The "Oscars" of Pie Making Professional Best in Show Winner Andy Hilton Cannot Contain His Excitement in Winning The "Oscars" of Pie Making

Editor’s note: Taste Publications receives many press releases relating to alleged holidays or commemorative days for all sorts of ideas and products.

Most often, these missives are flogging stuff we wouldn’t bother to help promote. However, we like pie. We also didn’t mind pi so much when we were learning sixth grade math (or was it seventh? It’s hard to be sure so many years later). Anyway, below we bring you a press release from the American Pie Council. In it are links to pie-related stuff. We hope that you, too, may remember great pies made by your mothers or other bakers in your family. Or if you weren’t so fortunate to have good homemade pies, we hope you have memories of great pies from a nearby bakery.


Pi is a constant. So is pie. Throughout our lives it's always been there, like family and friends. The American Pie Council encourages people everywhere to make the time you spend together on National Pi Day just a little sweeter. Every year, National Pi Day circles around on March 14.

Pi, used to calculate the circumference of a circle, is over 4,000 years old. It is commonly rounded up to 3.14, marking March 14 as the official date to celebrate all things pi. With no repetition or pattern, pi is the only transcendental number that will continue infinitely - much like America's love for pie! To commemorate this delicious day, the American Pie Council encourages friends and families to get together and bake their favorite pie, share a pie with those in the community, host a pie party or even have a pie-throwing contest.

Pies, sweet or savory, aren't just the perfect treat for National Pi Day, but are celebrated throughout the year. Each spring, the American Pie Council hosts the annual APC National Pie Championship. The 2018 National Pie Championship will be held April 6-7 at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando. Amateur and professional piemakers from around the globe vie for top honors in dozens of different categories ranging from sweet fruits and creams to nuts and chicken pot pies, even gluten-free categories. Entries are crafted on site and judged based on appearance, taste, consistency, crust and overall product.

"Why stop at one day?" said Linda Hoskins, executive director of the American Pie Council. "Whether you love pi, or pie, or both, there's always a reason to celebrate with a slice!"

The American Pie Council invites everyone to join in the fun at the APC National Pie Championships on Saturday, April 7, at 4 p.m. when the 2018 APC National Pie Championship winners are announced. For those traveling to or from Florida for Spring Break, the event's prime Rosen Centre location, just off I-4, makes an easy - and tasty - stop-off.

For more information on the American Pie Council, as well as information and registration forms for the 2018 National Pie Championships, visit www.piecouncil.org. For more information on National Pi Day, visit www.piday.org.

About the Pie Council

The American Pie Council is the only organization committed to maintaining America's pie heritage. It continues to pie-oneer America's love of the famed dessert, passing on the tradition of pie making from generation to generation. The APC offers personal, professional and commercial memberships. For more information and a complete listing of the 2017 APC National Pie Championship winners, visit piecouncil.org .

For any of the other award-winning entries, check out the recipes at http://www.piecouncil.org/2017APCChampionshipWinners .

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