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Tea Touted for January

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TASTE News Service, January 7, 2020 – The Brits like to say that tea is the solution to everything. They may have a point.

Consider January. At a time when icy winds chill us to the core and everyone's resolved to make better lifestyle choices, a nice, cozy cuppa can help with both issues. It warms the body AND delivers healthy benefits.  Perhaps that's why the Tea Council of the USA recognizes the month of January as National Hot Tea Month. Whatever the reason, the experts at Wissotzky Tea Company say, "We'll drink to that!"

As one of the most venerated names in the business, Wissotzky is renowned for its superior blends of the highest quality teas and infusions. The family-owned company has been around since 1849, when Klonimus Wolf Wissotzky, a Lithuanian Jew, set out to find the most perfect tea on Earth. The founder would eventually own tea plantations in Ceylon and India, and controlled more than a third of the Russian tea market. He even served as the exclusive purveyor of tea to the Russian emperor.

The company kept growing over the next five generations. Today, they continue traveling the world's tea gardens and exotic spice markets to stay in step with consumer demand.

"We've won many awards along the way," says Wissotzky chairman and owner Shalom Seidler, "but what really keeps us going is what kept our founder going – a passion for finding and blending the most perfect teas on Earth."

Turning over a new (tea) leaf

Ready to aim for good health in 2020? "Researchers have been studying green tea, black tea, and other types of tea for decades, and they have associated tea drinking with positive outcomes," Seidler recently told Eat This, Not That!, a magazine and web site dedicated to healthy eating.

"Both black and green tea contain polyphenols, plant-based chemicals that may provide health benefits. And," he added, "tea often provides a boost in mental alertness." Scientists attribute tea's cognitive benefits to the presence of the compounds L-theanine and caffeine.

Research suggests other findings:

Drinking tea may support cardiovascular health.

Black tea may reduce blood pressure.

Tea flavenoids may boost metabolism.

Daily consumption of green tea may reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.

Tea consumption may help with weight loss.

Certain tea infusions may improve the immune system.

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