What's great in wine, beer, fine dining,
places to stay, & places to visit
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Where do you want to eat tonight?
If you"re traveling in California, you"ll be eating many restaurant meals. While we can"t review every dining room, we"ll feature chefs and restaurants that we find interesting—perhaps you"ll enjoy them, too. We love food and most of us enjoy preparing it at home—whether in our kitchens or our backyards. Recipes and techniques for the home cook are a part of our Eat section, too.
In Their Own Words...
Want really detailed information about a winery? A direct link to the website of every winery in the state will be found in our Resource Directory. Links to websites of thousands of lodging and dining options are also in our directory. Your research will be easy because of the way we"ve segmented the listings by region.
What to Do and Where to Visit
In our Visit section the Calendar will list major wine and food events, as well as traditions like the Salinas Rodeo, the Monterey Jazz Festival and the Tahoe Yacht Club"s Wooden Boat Show. We"ll also find room to notify you about such quirky happenings as the Bigfoot Jamboree in Happy Camp. California is more than Disneyland and the Golden Gate Bridge. Drives and Destinations will give you ideas on things to do in all parts of the state.
Investigation and Contemplation
Want to know more about some aspect of California travel—or just about wine or food in general.? Check out what our staff had to say about new releases at our Book Review section.
California Wines and more...
Wine is such a significant part of the California culinary experience that we devote most of our Drink category to it. We"ll walk the vineyards through the growing season and when grapes are crushed we"ll ask winemakers how they"ll bring out the fullest expression of all that juice. We"d like to take you along with us. We invite you to eavesdrop on our wine writers and wine critics.


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