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beer mug iconTaste California Travel  began the “Beer Pick of the Week” feature a couple of years ago. We include a few details such as the style of the beer, its alcoholic content (the “ABV”) and its International Bittering Units (the “IBUs”), but we try to keep from getting too technical by just asking beer drinkers about what they’re enjoying at the moment. While we have brought you the brief comments of brewers and hospitality professionals in this segment, most of the time the thoughts are those of everyday beer drinkers—consumers who enjoy beer and are familiar with quality brews, particularly American craft beers.  This sort of journalism was once known as “the man in the street interview.” 

We also run the occasional article on beer and will expand such coverage in 2015. Readers may be entertained and even enlightened by the beer articles and reviews, but should be reminded that there is no “final word” about this subject. As always, we say experiment, have fun  . . . and trust your own palate.

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