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Dogfish Head Biere de Provence Picmonkey

Bière de Provence


Dogfish Head Brewery

Milton, Delaware

Style: “Herbaceous Saison”

Alcohol: 8.3%

IBUs: 30

Serving Style: Bottles and kegs

Availability: Nationwide


Appearance:   “A dark gold shade—may like ‘apricot’ color. It’s slightly cloudy-hazy and has a good white head which dissipates after about five minutes.”

Aroma:   “The internet says this is brewed with lavender, marjoram and bay leaves. They all come through in the nose, but the bay leaves are the predominant aroma.”

Taste:   “It’s lively in the mouth. Still ‘herby’ but with a nice balance of sparkle and creaminess. It produces a ‘round’ feeling in the mouth.”

Food Affinity:   “It doesn’t seem like anything I’d want to drink all evening, nor would I pour with a dinner. However, it might be fun to try to hors d’oeuvres. I’d try it with chicken satay or, maybe, curried meat balls.”


                    --Guest Reviewer Sven Carlson is visiting the U.S. from Sweden

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