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Friday, 15 April 2016 12:25

7 Best Things to Do in San Francisco

Sunrise on Golden Gate BridgeSunrise on Golden Gate Bridge

By Cailin O’Neil


1. Take a Bus tour

While in San Francisco I stayed at the San Francisco USA hostel located only 4 blocks from Union Square where I would start my trip off with a hop on hop off bus tour. Various bus tours depart from Union Square, it actually seemed like every bus tour in the city stopped there, right in front of Macy’s.

Riedel Glasses and women Picmonkey

TASTE News Service, March 10, 2016 – Riedel, the 300 year-old family credited with revolutionizing glassware for the enjoyment of wine, has announced an exclusive partnership with the San Francisco Wine School. Inaugurated in November 2015, the partnership names Riedel Crystal as the sole glassware provider to the school, which will use Riedel’s varietal specific stemware for all events, tastings and testing purposes.

Saturday, 27 February 2016 19:46

Five Cocktails Invented in San Francisco

Martini 2 PicmonkeyPhoto: Colby Stopa

Thursday, 18 February 2016 18:54

A Foodie's Guide to San Francisco’s Fillmore

Balboa Cafe PicmonkeyThere's high energy at the Balboa Café

By Marcia Gagliardi

February 19, 2016 - Fillmore Street is known for many things: its jazz history, its famous music venue, its very steep grade (near Broadway) and also its extensive shopping. Fillmore stretches all the way from the Marina to the Haight, crossing through many neighborhoods—here are some restaurants to note along the way.

Balboa Café (3199 Fillmore St.)This American mainstay dates back to 1913 and has a San Francisco saloon style. It’s known for its burger and offers other classics like a Cobb salad and a good Bloody Mary. (It also has quite the pick-up scene at its long bar.)

Sunday, 17 January 2016 23:33

Adventurous Dining in the Richmond District

Richmond Dist SF Photo PicmonkeyLooking eastward from edge of The Richmond. Photo: David Sawyer

 By Marcia Gagliardi

January 18, 2016 – San Francisco’s Richmond District (which runs north of Golden Gate Park) is full of international restaurants, from Chinese to Vietnamese to Burmese to pizza. Here are a few highlights of some local favorites that visitors may enjoy.

Saturday, 09 January 2016 19:48

10 Bars Where You Need to Drink in 2016

drinks from SFCVB photo PicmonkeyPhoto: Paul Saad

By Marcia “Tablehopper” Gagliardi

January 10, 2016 - San Francisco’s bar scene is just as lively as its restaurant scene, with new watering holes opening all the time (hey, we’re a thirsty city). Here are a few recently opened places—with the rest opening soon—that you’ll want to pull up a barstool at. And fans of wine, we have a couple spots for you, too.

Azalina Eusope SF Chef and Rest Owner PicmonkeyAzalina Eusope serves Malaysian food

By Paula Keung

The name San Francisco is derived from Saint Francis of Assisi, a Roman friar who was canonized in 1228. What’s interesting about Saint Francis is that he is the patron saint of animals and the environment. So it is only natural that the vegetarian lifestyle is so popular in the scenic City by the Bay. We tapped into the veg-scene via two locals, Mirran and Jenny, who shared with us some of the best places for deliciously conscientious dining.

Mirran Raphaely, Founder & CEO at FLOW GLOBAL

“I’m a lifelong vegetarian at 41 and have never eaten meat, fish or fowl. Our unparalleled quality of produce combined with the creative talents of food entrepreneurs who truly care about their wares makes this an ideal city for vegetarians!” Here are her picks:

 By Marcia GagliardiOctopus at La Ciccia PicmonkeyOctopus at La Ciccia

People always ask chefs where they like to eat, but unfortunately chefs don’t get to eat out very much, and when they do, it’s often on the late side. But here are a few places where you’ll find cooks and chefs in San Francisco when they have a chance to let someone else do the cooking.

La Ciccia (291 30th St.)

A San Francisco restaurant industry favorite, this authentic Sardinian restaurant in Noe Valley always has a happy crowd dining on chef Massimiliano Conti’s spaghetti and bottarga, spicy octopus, fresh seafood, and fregola and urchin. The wine list is deep and the hospitality from wife, Lorella Degan is unmatched. (Their neighboring enoteca, La Nebbia, is also becoming an industry hangout.)

By Dan Rosenbaum

Treasure Island Flea Mkt Picmonkey Great view of San Francisco from Treasure Island market

San Francisco is home to big brands, haute couture and major department stores. Many including Westfield San Francisco Centre are centered around Union Square, and neighborhoods such as Fillmore and Hayes Valley are filled with boutiques. For those who want random kitsch, vintage wares, local and only in San Francisco products, there are plenty of outdoor flea markets that happen every month. The next time you're looking for an opportunity to do a little retail reconnaissance, shop at these great markets.

crabcloseup at Alioto PicmonkeyCracked Dungeness crab at Alioto'sBy Marcia Gagliardi

Let’s take a look at some dishes that come from San Francisco, mythical items that almost every visitor has on their checklist. (To be clear, while items like the focaccia at Liguria Bakery and the egg custard tarts from Golden Gate Bakery are superlative and local favorites, those dishes’ origins are not in San Francisco.) And don’t forget: if you want to try an It’s-It, you just need to visit a corner store and nab one on the fly. The question is: vanilla or mint chip?

Dungeness Crab

When local Dungeness crab comes into season (usually around Thanksgiving), you’ll want to hightail it to places like Swan Oyster Depot, Scoma’s, Sam’s Grill and Alioto’s for fresh, local crab. Throughout the rest of the year, it will come in from Oregon, Washington and beyond . . . still delicious, just not local. Pro tip: while you’re at Swan, be sure to get a pint of Anchor Steam fresh from the tap, another S.F. original!

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