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Monday, 18 March 2019 17:46

Super Bloom at Diamond Valley Lake

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Californa Golden  Poppies at Diamond Lake in Riverside County Californa Golden Poppies at Diamond Lake in Riverside County Photo: Alona Nicholas

TASTE News Service, March 19, 2019 - The largest super bloom in over a decade has finally arrived at Diamond Valley Lake in Hemet, California.

According to officials, the most jaw-dropping views of the super bloom, caused by record rains, are from the Wildflower Trail, accessible from the Diamond Valley Lake Marina. Park officials recommend coming mid-week to avoid crowds and ask visitors to please stay on the trail to protect the flowers.

wildflowers at Diamond Valley Lake PicmonkeyPhoto by Alona Nicholas

"While our super bloom arrived a little later than some of the others in Southern California, it was well worth the wait," said Kelly Lam, director of marketing for Basecamp Hospitality, which operates concessions at Diamond Valley Marina, Lake Hemet and 20+ parks across the western U.S. "It's the best one we've seen in more than 10 years, and is fully accessible from the Wildflower Trail. The lake is higher than I've ever seen it, too, so it's also a great time for fishing and boating! We recommend coming mid-week if you want to avoid the crowds."

The seasonal Wildflower Trail, located in the Southwestern Riverside County Multi-Species Reserve protected area, and open Wednesdays through Sundays, is bursting color, from red Indian Paintbrush flowers and yellow Tidy Tips sunflowers to deep pink Red Maids, orange California poppies, blue arroyo lupines, purple Canterbury bells and white Forget-Me-Nots. The flowers should last through April along the hillsides of the lake trail, a 1.3-mile loop that is considered easy to moderate.

"While we love dogs, Diamond Valley Lake is a wildlife refuge, so legally we cannot allow dogs," added Lam. "We respectfully ask everyone stay on the trail to protect the ecosystem; the good news is you can see them pretty close up from the trail."

Visitors to the lake can now enjoy new Improvements, including new, permanent marina restrooms (MWDSC made the improvements for the bathroom. Diamond Valley Lake is a drinking water reservoir built, owned and operated by The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California). Basecamp, which runs the concessions, says entry fees into the marina are $10 per car, and trail access costs $3 per person—and includes a map of the wildflowers and wildflower guide. You can also view the flowers by renting one of the bass or pontoon boats, for fishing or relaxing, at the marina.

The visitor center is open weekends from 10 am to 4 pm and also features information on what it took to build three dams the size of those at Diamond Valley Lake, including videos and photos of the astoundingly large equipment used on the project.


About Diamond Valley Lake

Diamond Valley Lake (also known as The Diamond), located in Hemet is one of the largest man-made reservoirs in Southern California with a capacity of 800,000 acre feet, 260 ft deep and with over 4,500 surface acres. At The Diamond, you will discover some of the best fishing in the state. World-renowned for its black bass fishing, we are home to bluegill and redear sunfish, rainbow trout, and both blue and channel catfish. Diamond Valley Lake is a drinking water reservoir built, owned and operated by The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. This reservoir is an important component to providing water for 18 million Southern Californians and is a critical lifeline in times of drought. For more information visit www.dvmarina.com

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