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Tuesday, 26 May 2020 16:55

Walk Along with These SF Podcasts

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Walk Along with These SF Podcasts Photo: Noah Friedlander

TASTE News Service, May 26, 2020 - Warming weather entreats us to get outside for a long walk. 

But social distancing dictates that we mostly walk alone.  To put some meaning into meandering, San Francisco Travel suggests taking these podcasts along to hear from some of the most interesting voices in San Francisco and the Bay Area.  

Bay Curious

Bay Curious is all about the unexplored San Francisco Bay Area. Each week, host Olivia Allen-Price uncovers a new mystery about this quirky, delightful region. Start with their episode about Dutch Crunch bread, a staple of Bay Area sandwich shops.

The California Report

Newshounds will want to tune in to KQED's The California Report for the latest on what's happening here in the Golden State.

Check, Please! Bay Area

The popular local television show "Check, Please! Bay Area," hosted by Leslie Sbrocco, has a weekly podcast, too. Listen in as Bay Area residents give their views on some of the best restaurants in San Francisco and beyond. In a recent episode (recorded before the coronavirus put a damper on dining), Sbrocco took the stars of "Hamilton" to Mourad, Niku Steakhouse, and Causwells.

Ear Hustle

This groundbreaking Ear Hustle podcast showcases the daily realities of life in prison and the struggles of reintegrating with the world after time served. It was created by Bay Area visual artist Nigel Poor and Earlonne Woods and Antwan Williams, both former residents of San Quentin State Prison. Check out this episode for a candid conversation between Woods and Williams that was recorded upon Williams' release.


If you're an aspiring tech titan, then you need to listen to Equity Hosted by TechCrunch reporter Alex Wilhelm, Equity takes you behind the financial decisions that fuel Silicon Valley.

Fifth & Mission

For a deep dive into the news that shapes San Francisco, tune in to Fifth & Mission , the San Francisco Chronicle's flagship podcast. Hosted by Editor In Chief Audrey Cooper and columnist Heather Knight, Fifth & Mission will have you feeling like a City Hall insider in no time.

The Finch Files: Stories from San Francisco and Beyond                                           

Veteran radio producer Peter Finch scour the streets of San Francisco to bring you the most interesting Bay Area stories in The Finch Files: Stories from San Francisco and Beyond. What qualifies as "interesting," you ask? How about competitive women's pinball?

Inside Giants Moments

If you're a baseball fan lamenting the delay of the season, turn on Inside Giants Moments. Each week, host Mark Willard interviews a living legend from the San Francisco Giants about memorable moments in franchise history. Check out this episode with former manager Bruce Bochy, who led the team to three World Series titles.

Raw Material

Raw Material is an arts and culture podcast from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). Each season is hosted by a different "podcaster-in-residence" who explores modern and contemporary art through their own unique lens. Artists from around the world join for discussions about their work and the inspiring works of others. This episode from Season 4, hosted by artist and curator Chelsea Beck, starts exploring the connections between "that dynamic duo:" art and sex.


Host Pendarvis Harshaw showcases the diversity of the Bay Area on Rightnowish, in which he talks to people from all walks of life about how the Bay Area shaped them and what they're doing now to shape their communities in return. Listen to his conversation with Dorothy Lazard, the head librarian at the Oakland Public Library's History Center, about the importance of reclaiming and celebrating community history.

San Francisco Symphony

The San Francisco Symphony has two podcast series you can enjoy. The Program Notes Series features Symphony recordings with award-winning commentary. The American Orchestra Forum series features musicians, scholars, and others discussing the current state and future of American orchestras.

Editor’s note:  For more information on San Francisco, visit www.sftravel.com

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