Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach: A Guide to Southern California’s Hidden Gem

Victoria Beach, nestled in the scenic town of Laguna Beach, California, is a hidden gem that captivates visitors with its pristine white sands and unique coastal beauty. Travelers come to this beach to relax on its soft sands, explore the intriguing tide pools, and enjoy the picturesque vistas that southern California is known for. Its position south of Victoria Drive makes it a great destination for those who wish to escape the more crowded beaches and enjoy a serene day by the ocean.

Quick Overview of Victoria Beach

FeaturesActivitiesAccess & ParkingHighlights
Beautiful beach, nestled in Laguna Beach, California. Known for its unique coastal beauty and position south of Victoria Drive.Relaxing on soft sand and exploring tide pools. Sunbathing, beach games, and photography.Free street parking nearby, tends to fill up quickly. Metered parking along Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). Hidden gem with serene atmosphere. Historic ‘Pirate Tower’ and surrounding mansions add to the charm.
Historic ‘Pirate Tower’ at the water’s edge, a local landmark. Water sports including surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling. Volleyball and scenic exploration for sightseers and photographers.Parking restrictions on Victoria Drive from June 15 to September 10, 9am to 6pm. Off-season and outside these times, parking is more accessible.Man-made pool and tide pools rich in marine life provide a hands-on educational opportunity.
Halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, benefits from Laguna Beach’s walkability and charm.Wildlife watching, picnicking with breathtaking seascape views. Engaging in leisure activities like skimboarding along the shore.Common access via a staircase found between addresses 2703 and 2713 on Victoria Drive. Easy access from downtown Laguna by taking the Pacific Coast Highway south.The beach’s natural beauty offers an adventure for sightseers, with its intricate rock formations and sea caves.
Integral part of the Laguna Beach community, inviting locals and tourists .Observing local birds and marine creatures. Discovering little sea caves and tide pools.Facilities are minimal, emphasizing a more natural beach experience. Clear waters and fine sand ideal for a variety of beach activities,
Victoria Beach
Victoria Beach

One of the distinctive features of Victoria Beach is the historic ‘Pirate Tower,’ a local landmark that stands sentinel at the water’s edge, adding to the beach’s charm and mystery. The beach is also a residential area, with many of the surrounding mansions built close to the shore, showcasing the architectural splendor of the private Lagunita housing development. Whether it’s for sunbathing, beach games, or photography, Victoria Beach offers a picturesque setting for a variety of coastal activities.

Houses on Victoria Beach
Houses on Victoria Beach

With a location that’s halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, getting to Victoria Beach can be a delightful part of the journey. The beach’s proximity to the heart of Laguna Beach means that it benefits from the town’s walkability and charm. Despite its relative privacy, this beach remains an integral part of the Laguna Beach community, with access points that invite locals and tourists alike to discover its tranquil beauty.

Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach

Getting to Victoria Beach

Victoria Beach is a popular destination in Laguna Beach known for its picturesque scenery and unique landmarks. To ensure a hassle-free visit, travelers should be aware of the parking options and access points that lead to this coastal gem.

Stairs down to Victoria Beach
Stairs down to Victoria Beach

Parking Options

Visitors to Victoria Beach have several parking options available to them. Free street parking can be found nearby, though it tends to fill up quickly due to the beach’s popularity. The majority of the street parking is non-metered, providing a cost-effective solution for beachgoers. During the summer months, from June 15 to September 10, specifically on Victoria Drive, parking restrictions are enforced from 9am to 6pm. Outside these times, and during the off-season, beaches in the surrounding area are more accessible.

Victoria Beach sign with rules
Victoria Beach sign with rules

Visitors can also look for metered parking along the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), which offers additional spaces and easy access to the beach area. Parking along PCH is convenient for those looking to explore multiple spots along Laguna’s coastline.

Access Points

Street to stairless entrance to Victoria Beach
Street to stairless entrance to Victoria Beach

To reach Victoria Beach, tourists must navigate to the proper beach access points. The most common access is via a staircase found between the addresses 2703 and 2713 on Victoria Drive. To get to the stairs from downtown Laguna, take the Pacific Coast Highway south for approximately two miles and then stay to the right as the road forks onto Victoria Drive.

Streets to Pirate Tower
Streets to Pirate Tower

Once on Victoria Beach, visitors will have the opportunity to take in the enchanting sights, including the famous ‘Pirate Tower’ that stands as a sentinel on the shore. Direct access to this landmark is available when one arrives at the beach and walks toward the right.

stairless entrance to Victoria Beach
stairless entrance to Victoria Beach

Key Attractions at Victoria Beach

Victoria Beach is a treasure trove of natural beauty and historical interest, enticing visitors with its famed Pirate Tower, a plethora of tide pools, and a picturesque man-made pool.

Beautiful Victoria Beach
Beautiful Victoria Beach

Pirate Tower

Pirate Tower in Victoria Beach

The Pirate Tower at Victoria Beach is one of its most distinctive landmarks. This 60-foot-tall stone turret, a remnant of yesteryear, is rumored to have been built in the 1920s by the property owner, William E. Brown. Nestled against the cliffside, this tower evokes a mysterious past, conjuring images of pirates and hidden treasures. While access inside is not permitted, its mystique continues to draw the curiosity of visitors.

Pirate Tower
Pirate Tower
Pirate Tower door
Pirate Tower’s door
Spiral stairs inside the Pirate Tower
Spiral stairs inside the Pirate Tower

Tide Pools

Located to the north of the beach, the tide pools offer an interactive experience with local marine life. During low tide, these natural pools reveal an array of sea creatures such as starfish, anemones, and crabs. Exploration of these pools provides a hands-on educational opportunity, allowing visitors a glimpse into the area’s ecological diversity. Visitors are encouraged to handle the marine life with care to protect this fragile ecosystem.

Man-Made Pool

At the southern end lies a historical structure known as the man-made pool. Created from the natural crevice in the rocks, this circular pool is replenished by the ocean tides. Originally built for the family of a local artist in the 1920s, this pool has since become a public spectacle, enchanting beachgoers with its serene setting and old-world charm. It serves as a unique example of early 20th-century beachfront architecture.

Round pool near Pirate Tower
Round pool in Victoria Beach

My Experience Visiting Victoria Beach

me standing on the rocks at Victoria Beach in laguna Beach

Going to the Pirate Tower at Victoria Beach is one of my top picks for things to do; I’ve been there many times. Parking can be tough, but you can find spots in the nearby area or along Pacific Coast Highway where there’s metered parking, which I usually choose. The walk from the highway is short and takes you through a neighborhood to the beach access stairs.

rocks and waves in Victoria Beach

You have two ways to get there: one with stairs that brings you closer to the tower, and another flat path that’s good for biking, though it’s pretty steep, so walking your bike might be better.

tide pools area in Victoria beach
Tide pools area in Victoria beach

I like to go when the tide is low because you can get closer to the tower and explore around it. When the tide is high, you might not be able to get to the tower at all.

waves clashing on the rocks at Victoria beach in laguna beach

When you get to the beach, you can’t see the tower right away. But if you walk towards the ocean and then turn right, you’ll find the Pirate Tower hidden around the corner. Getting there might require climbing over some rocks, and you’ll pass by a big ocean pool before you see the tower.

Victoria Beach on the right side
Victoria Beach on the right side

The ocean pool isn’t in great shape and is usually filled with sand, and I haven’t seen it fully filled with water yet. While you can’t go inside the tower because it’s private and the door is locked, you can still look inside to see the spiral staircase.

walking on the rocks in Victoria Beach
Rocky area of Victoria Beach

I’ve taken a few pictures of the staircase inside the tower. Even though you can’t go inside, the tower is still a great place for taking photos, offering unique views and a historical background that captures the spirit of Victoria Beach.

tide pool finds at Victoria Beach
Tide pool finds

The tower is really interesting to look at, built in a style that makes you think of old European towers. Its stone construction and sharp roof make it look ancient, as if it’s been there for centuries. The spiral staircase inside, which you can’t use, adds to its charm and mystery.

tide pool area in Victoria Beach

Victoria Beach itself is less busy than other places in Laguna Beach, providing a calm and more personal space for visitors.

tide pools at Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach
Tide pools

The tower, famous for its interesting history and design, is the main attraction of this quiet beach spot.

me standing ny the rocks at Victoria beach

It’s set apart from the main beach area, giving visitors a secluded spot to enjoy the views, take great photos, and imagine tales of pirates and hidden treasures.

my selfie at Victoria beach

Beach Activities

Victoria Beach is renowned for its crystalline waters and fine sand, rendering it an ideal destination for a variety of beach activities. Visitors can indulge in water sports, engage in beach sports and leisure, or simply appreciate the wildlife and scenery that this coastal gem has to offer.

ocean pool in Victoria Beach
Ocean pool in Victoria Beach

Water Sports

At Victoria Beach, the ocean beckons water sports enthusiasts. Surfing is a popular pursuit, with waves suitable for both beginners and seasoned surfers. For those keen on exploring beneath the surface, scuba diving and snorkeling offer a glimpse into an underwater world teeming with marine life. Visitors often rent kayaks or try stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) to navigate the shoreline or venture into the calmer sections for a peaceful paddle.

  • Surfing: Prime spot for catching waves.
  • Kayaking/SUP: Rentals available for ocean exploration.
  • Scuba Diving/Snorkeling: Dive into the aquatic habitat.

Beach Sports and Leisure

The volleyball courts at Victoria Beach are a hub for both casual and competitive play. The inviting sand serves as a perfect venue for a spirited game of beach volleyball. Additionally, the wide expanse of sand provides ample room for a variety of leisure activities, from skimboarding along the shore to enjoying a peaceful picnic with a view of the breathtaking seascape.

  • Volleyball: Courts available for pickup games or tournaments.
  • Skimboarding: Ideal shoreline for skimming enthusiasts.
  • Picnic: Picturesque spots to enjoy a meal by the sea.

Wildlife and Scenery

Victoria Beach isn’t just known for its beautiful beach and oceanic activities; it’s also a place where one can appreciate the wonders of nature. The area is rich in wildlife, and visitors might spot coastal birds and marine life. The beach’s natural beauty, with its intricate rock formations and sea caves, offers an otherworldly adventure for sightseers and photographers alike.

  • Wildlife Watching: Observe local birds and marine creatures.
  • Scenic Exploration: Discover sea caves and tide pools.

Beach Amenities

Ocean pool and Pirate Tower in Victoria Beach
Ocean pool and Pirate Tower in Victoria Beach

Victoria Beach is renowned not only for its picturesque setting but also for the amenities it offers to visitors. While facilities are sparse, the commitment to safety and the clean environment make it inviting for beachgoers.


At Victoria Beach, facilities are minimal, catering to those looking for more natural beach experience. There are no restrooms directly on the beach, but visitors can find them nearby at Heisler Park. Beach hours are typically from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., providing ample time for day-long excursions. A notable feature of this destination is the free trolley service, which runs along the coast and makes stops at various beaches, including Victoria Beach, simplifying access while reducing the need for parking.


For safety, lifeguards are stationed at Victoria Beach during the summer months and other peak times, vigilantly monitoring swimmers and ensuring a secure environment. The presence of lifeguards adds a layer of reassurance for families and those less confident in the water. The beach is well-maintained and considered quite clean, reflecting the community’s dedication to preserving its natural beauty.

Beach Regulations

Rules sign for Victoria beach
Rules sign for Victoria beach

Victoria Beach, located in the city of Laguna Beach, is governed by specific regulations to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all visitors. It is important to comply with these rules to maintain the pristine condition of this Orange County gem.

Fire Prohibition: Fires are not allowed on any part of Victoria Beach to protect the local environment and maintain air quality.

Dogs: During peak season from June 15 to September 10, dogs are not permitted on the beach from 9 am to 6 pm. Outside of these dates and times, dogs are allowed but must be kept on a leash to ensure they are under control and do not disturb wildlife or other beachgoers.

Tides: Visitors should be aware of the changing conditions related to high tide and low tide. Rip currents and other hazards are more prevalent during high tide, and beachgoers should exercise caution when swimming or engaging in water sports.

Marine Protected Area: The waters around Victoria Beach are part of the Laguna Beach Marine Protected Area, meaning that the marine life is safeguarded and certain activities that could harm the ecosystem are restricted.

Please respect these regulations and the local community while enjoying the natural beauty of Victoria Beach. Observing these rules helps protect the coastal environment for future generations. For a detailed list of beach regulations and safety tips, visitors can contact the Marine Safety Department.

Local Tips

When planning a visit to Victoria Beach, it’s crucial to consider the timing and local attractions to make the most of the experience. These tips will help visitors enjoy the beauty and attractions of this secluded cove beach with ease.

Best Times to Visit

Victoria Beach is best enjoyed during low tide when the expansive white sand is accessible and perfect for activities like sunbathing and swimming. Visitors should check the tidal schedule before planning their trip. The beach is less crowded during weekdays, especially in the morning, making this an ideal time for those seeking a more secluded atmosphere.

  • Early mornings—for fewer crowds and soft light perfect for engagement photos.
  • Weekdays—to enjoy the serenity without the weekend bustle.

Nearby Attractions

Beyond the stunning white sand beach, Victoria Beach is known for the iconic “Pirate Tower.” This structure adds a distinctly famous backdrop to any engagement photos taken on the shores. Near the beach, visitors can explore tide pools among the rocks or enjoy the tranquil environment of the surrounding cove beach.

  • Pirate Tower—a landmark perfect for photography.
  • Tide Pools—explore sea life during low tide around the natural rocks at the beach.
me on the beach
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