Laguna Beach at Night

Laguna Beach offers a variety of nighttime activities that capture its coastal charm and vibrant culture.

palm trees at night in Laguna Beach

For nature and romance, Crystal Cove State Park and the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park are perfect for evening hikes or strolls along the shore.

beautiful orange sunset in Laguna Bach with palm trees
Beautiful sunset at Laguna Beach

Just be mindful that the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park closes its parking lot early at 5 pm. You can still hike though.

coastal houses at night in Laguna Beach

The arts scene is also vibrant, with the Laguna Art Museum and Sawdust Art Festival as cultural highlights.

night walk by the beach in Laguna
I love taking a night walk at the beach in Laguna

For dining and nightlife, Skyloft is a top choice for a bar/restaurant, while The Rooftop Lounge offers an ambient setting to unwind.

night picture of the palm trees in Laguna Beach

Additionally, don’t miss the Main Beach Park, Heisler Park, and Thousand Steps Beach.

sunset picture in Laguna Beach

A walk around the Montage or the Main beach area offers a serene experience with stunning ocean views.

3 palm trees at sunset in Laguna Beach

For a romantic evening, consider dining at beachfront restaurants such as The Deck, which provides a relaxing atmosphere right on the water, or The Cliff, known for its breathtaking views.

night waves at Laguna Beach

The Lumberyard Restaurant offers a cozy dining experience, while Urth Caffé brings a casual, organic coffeehouse vibe.

me under the palm tree at night at laguna beach

Driftwood Kitchen is another good option, featuring oceanfront dining with a seasonal menu that highlights fresh ingredients​.

stairs down to the beach at night in Laguna Beach
Stairs down to the beach at night near the Main beach in Laguna Beach

The downtown village of Laguna Beach is great for those who enjoy walking around.

night picture of Laguna Beach

Each location has its own unique vibe, offering a taste of the town’s diverse party scenes.

moonlight in Laguna

From trendy lounges to cozy dive bars, there’s something for every preference.

house lights at night in Laguna Beach

For live music enthusiasts, places like The Marine Room offer a historic backdrop to the town’s contemporary tunes.

dark ocean at night in Laguna Beach

As Laguna Beach’s second oldest bar, it’s a local staple where the music scene has thrived for ages, providing a lively hangout for residents and visitors alike.

Night picture of Laguna beach CA

Laguna Beach Nights: My Go-To Spots for Ocean Views and Evening Strolls

me on the beach at night in Laguna Beach

When I’m in Laguna Beach at night, I really like to start with dinner at one of the oceanfront spots.

huge palm tree at night in laguna Beach

The Deck, The Cliff, or Driftwood Kitchen have great food and drinks, plus the views are amazing.

Ocean at night at Laguna Beach CA

After dinner, I head to Urth Caffé for coffee. I take my coffee to go and walk around Main Beach and Heisler Park.

walking in the moonlight in Laguna Beach
Walking in the moonlight in Laguna Beach

Heisler Park is so pretty at night with little lights along the path.

ocean at night in Laguna Beach

Sometimes, I’ll walk down to the sand to feel the breeze and listen to the waves. Heisler Park has many little beaches which have stairs or walking path down to the ocean. There’s usually other people around too, just enjoying the night.

me at night walking in Laguna Beach

The beach officially closes at 10pm, but you’ll still see folks hanging out. I also like to sit in the outside area of Las Brisas restaurant and enjoy a cocktail or a dessert.

palm trees at night by the walking pat in Laguna Beach

It’s right on the walking path and their Tres Leches cake is my favorite.

Another cool spot to walk at night is by the Montage. The path there has great ocean views and little beaches and coves like Treasure Island and Christmas Cove.

coastline at night at Laguna Beach

If I’m up for it, I’ll grab something to eat at The Loft at Montage, where the ocean views are amazing.

sunset at Laguna

Laguna Beach really has a romantic vibe to it. On my evening walks, I’ve stumbled across quite a few beach proposals.

beautiful waves at night at Laguna Beach

And when there’s a full moon out, it’s something else—the way it lights up the ocean is amazing. Walking along the beach with that moonlight is seriously romantic.

me at night by the ocean in Laguna Beach


Drinking Urth coffee and walking in Laguna Beach
Drinking Urth coffee and walking by the beach

Laguna Beach always leaves me with a sense of gratitude. The moonlit walks on the beach, the friendly faces, the sound of the ocean—it’s all part of the unique charm this place has after dark.

sunset in laguna Beach

Every evening here feels like a scene from a movie, with the starry sky above and the gentle waves as the perfect soundtrack.

me on the beach
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